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LET OUT the HUMANS—a design journey

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Multi-media journey exploring the possibilities of life-enhancing design practice for ordinary humans, with our extraordinary human potential.

  • Long-form essays—in-depth exploration of life-enhancing design practice & possibilities of bioregional culture
  • Design art—a visual language of living design processes
  • Lutruwita/Tasmania explorable multi-media content map—writing, photography, audio, video, illustration
  • Emerging design community—people who think like you do
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Combined LET OUT the HUMANS—a design journey + GOING HOME NOW—Recovering humans

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All the content we make, bundled in one.

  • Everything in LET OUT THE HUMANS—a design journey
  • All the exclusive podcast content, including RECOVERING HUMANS episodes, the SOUTHERLY INSIGHTS interview series, and audio versions of the design journey essays.
  • All the same community access as other plans
  • Lower total price as a bundle
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